Monday, 13 December 2010


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Plans can be a bit like rules : we make them and then break them.  We make them with all the best intentions, but for reasons, quite often beyond our control, they fail to turn out how we intended.

Some plans we are pleased to loose, like when the dentist falls ill and our appointment is cancelled.  Others not, like the arrangements people had made when the country came to a snowy stand still.  I like the ones made on the spur of the moment, you get up, get in the car and go..........

My husband and i did just that many many years ago and came across an old English Inn dating back to 1533.  Largely unspoilt stone walls and floors, wooden beams, lamp light and real log fire, home made Kent fruit wines, it was like going back in time.  And over the years we did go back, very regularly, he even proposed in the garden.  We spent a memorable Christmas evening there one year just after we married, there was a small group having their company "do" and we ended up sharing their evening.  It was a truly lovely, yet unplanned, evening full of laughter, warmth and a wonderful atmosphere.  We still talk about it on occasion.

My husband and I went back there one day in the summer this year with our children.  The Inn had barely changed, but we had.  We had grown up, got a family, and found the plans we had made back then had faltered and failed over the more recent years.  Our love has changed and we have independently moved on.

It was a planned trip that was tinged with sadness.

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