Saturday, 11 December 2010


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Do fairy tales exists, is there a happy ever after, can it be that there is a prince charming for every princess ?

I always thought so and so do many children, so what goes wrong when we become adults - how come the magic of romance and fairy tales disappears ?

I dreamt of being Scarlett O'Hara and despite hankering after the Ashley Wilkes' of the world knew that the dashing and handsome Rhett Butler would come along someday to whisk me off my feet, take me to places far and wide and buy me my dream house.

I think these days that maybe the fairy tale can be a reality but we humans are so damaged and broken that it is impossible to believe in keeping it.  We try and fail and then move on, we are so afraid of failing again we don't fight the dragons or wicked queens for our love anymore.  Love is free and easy to find, but is it ? Real love is not found on a Friday night at the local or in chat rooms with people you will never meet.  Its in the heart and eyes of those closest around you, those that you can trust and count on, those that would fight dragons to find you and beat the wicked witch to protect you. 

Love is relatively easy to find but true love is hard and to keep is harder still.  To give and also to receive is not something that comes naturally to some people and until you can give there will always be a piece missing in your relationships and true love can be evasive.

I like to think i found my Rhett Butler, but he went to war and i can only be here waiting for him with support and loyalty always.  However, Rhett left Scarlett in the end because she was never happy with what she had.  She was so obsessed with the ideal she dreamt of she couldn't see the dream that could be right in front of her.  Is my Rhett actually my Ashley ? I fear that i may be more like Scarlett than i care to notice !!!

But  "tomorrow is another day!"

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