Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Meditation 1

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I have been thinking of meditation for quite a while - i haven't done it for years and then it was about God, scriptures and the spirit.  I have not been sure what to meditate on recently and so have put it off.

After a really rough few days i had a thought last night and this morning i decided to put it into action.  I sat in the lotus position on my bed with my thumbs touching first fingers on my knees.  I found it hard to not hear outside sounds at first so i concentrated on the breathing technique that my body balance teacher shows me - in threw the nose and out through a closed throat so you can just hear it.  I counted ten of these, breathing deeper and slower each time.

Once i had done that, i saw myself at my favorite place: by the sea, i walked into it - felt its warmth and welcoming arms of the waves.  I swam further and saw the colours of the secret world under the oceans, it was so quiet and beautiful.  I could see octopus and swam alongside a whale, the plants waving in the current and the fish were all the colours of the rainbow, part of the world yet apart from it, totally unaware of the weather up above or the financial problems, the stresses of family life or the issues with work.  I relaxed into this world and forgot everything from my own life.

Once i felt up to it i swam up and took off into the air, i flew with the eagles looking at the scenery below and feeling the wind beneath my wings.  I was free, i could dive into the water or soar into the air as i wanted - it was such a sense of being open and stretched rather than curled up and crunched up like i had been feeling.

Whilst in the air i hovered over those i know - family and friends.  I peeked in to see them living their lives, i saw what i can not see from here - their feelings and thoughts.  I learnt a lot and it relieved more tension.  To see things from another's point of view is really "seeing" and quite an experience.

When the time was right i started my breathing once more but this time counting from ten down, i imagined some of my yoga positions and stretched myself up tall, rolled my head, and woke up.

I have written this in quite a bit of detail so i can remember what i did, i want to try and do this every day - such an experience i did not expect, it has put my heart to rest and eased my mind.  It turned out to be only ten minutes or so but i feel so much better for it.

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