Thursday, 30 December 2010


OK, so i went to Asda and saw this and couldn't resist the pinkness (its brighter in life), made me smile to see it standing out amongst all the winter colours.  Its soft cotton too - and only £6 !!!

"The visible spectrum of colour as we see it, consists of seven main colours:
Visible Spectrum of Colours
"The retinas in our eyes though have three types of colour receptors in the form of cones. We can actually only detect three of these visible colours - red - blue and green. These colours are called additive primaries. It is these three colours that are mixed in our brain to create all of the other colours we see... how clever we are!
"The wavelength and frequency of light we see, also influences the colour we see. The seven colours of the spectrum all have varying wavelengths and frequencies. Red is at the lower end of the spectrum and has a higher wavelength but lower frequency to that of Violet at the top end of the spectrum which has a lower wavelength and higher frequency."

That was the technical part - i thought it was interesting and rather cool !!  Sorry if you were bored !!

I am going to mix my black wardrobe with colours this year - pink for now, maybe a yellow in the spring, a pale blue or green in the summer - we shall see.  I love my items of Gothic clothing and they shan't go anywhere, but I'm going to make the effort to mix in some colour (even if only i know its there) each "normal" day.  Even when i don't feel good because its a small thing i can do that i think may help lift me - why don't you do the same ?

"Colour/color in everyday life is very diverse... from knowing that a fruit is ripe to eat, to understanding how Colour can affect our moods."

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