Monday, 20 December 2010


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I have come to the conclusion that all the living things on this earth are made of energy - from the sun and stars to the plants and flowers as well as all the animals and people.

I think that we all share energy, we are all connected and we all need each other to survive.  The energy is only borrowed tho and at some stage is needed to be given back so something else may exist.

This is not the thoughts i was brought up with but rather something an old friend of mine used to chat about with me, although the friend has moved on and i no longer hear from her i still recall those deep conversations.  I have thought long and hard about them over the years and have had the thoughts confirmed over and again since.  Energy and life force flows through all living things and we are all connected - that is a fact so why should it not be spiritual ?

I like the film Avatar and their believe that their ancestors energy is all around them and infects each new person and generation, that they can still gain the wisdom from people passed by meditating on their energy. Wow, how cool, that fascinates me.

I find myself believing in this more and more and liking the idea more and more - it makes death seem a lot less scary and and final.

Whether there is a heaven or hell i am not sure but if i can give the energy and life i got from my parents, grand parents and so forth back to the earth and my children, and theirs too - that's a good thing and i will have achieved something after all.

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