Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Being needed

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My little boy is poorly today, he has a realy high temperature, been sick and coughed and sneezed like he has been smoking for 50 years.  He has spent all day laying on the settee just dozing and barely having the energy to go to the loo. 

It breaks my heart when one of my children are ill, when my daughter was a baby she had a sickness bug and had to go to hospital for 24 hours due to dehydration, she was so little, i would gladly have taken her place many times over.

I have to confess tho, to liking, that when poorly my children need me as their mummy in a way they no longer do in everyday life.  They want to cuddle with a blanket and a bear, they want to suck their thumbs and be read to.  I admit i like that part of them being ill.

Being needed is something i feel justifies my life, sadley i often feel im not needed by anyone these days. My children are yet quite young so it must be much worse for parents of older children and i do not look forward to those years yet to come.  A friend i have asks me to order his regular prescription each month - its a small thing but i do it gladly for i feel i maybe releiveing him of something that takes time and is a hassle and therefore i am being a good friend and maybe i am even needed by him and so i deserve my place in his life.

Is that a childish thing ?  Is it healthy ? I dont know - what do you think ?

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  1. I think everybody needs to be needed and your feelings about this are not childish.
    But that said, I don't think that we have to make ourselves deserving of friendship by acts of service; friendship is just naturally made up of such things.

    Really old or disabled people have to come to an understanding of their worth which is separate from what they can do for others. Maybe a good idea to start practicing this early!