Friday, 10 December 2010


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I so love my body balance class, i love the feeling of my bones being separated and muscles stretched - it makes me feel alive and open and i feel a little taller after (not a bad thing at only 3ft 3.5).

I like to think I'm a fairly open person, happy to listen and terribly loyal, i talk quite openly too about anything and everything and willingly answer questions honestly - even the embarrassing ones from the children.

Sometimes i have to say "why do i bother" though.  I don't give to receive but a thank you never goes a miss, i did a favour voluntarily for a friend this week and he was so grateful i was quite embarrassed.

This probably has no connection to the above but thinking about those protesters this week ...... I still think education is a privilege and something we should be grateful for.  I hated school as does my daughter but as an adult i can see the benefits to it and how it improves life, specially given the advantages made over the centuries by educated people.  I understand the financial issues of the protesters and i support the ideals, i think its disgusting that the charges for further education are so much - it is appalling. 
However, saying that, how is vandalism, violence and abuse going to help their cause ???  Where is the gratitude for an education a third of the world still don't get the chance of and where is the camaraderie shown by peaceful protesters that can (on rare occasions) work.  It not only puts the protest in a blacker light but the youth of today in general. 

Not exactly showing openness to talk or listen or even a maturity in how to handle their problems.  Lets hope the government doesnt go to their extremes and take back the possibility of learning to read and write.

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