Thursday, 16 December 2010


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We humans are strange creatures, we can do the most terrible things imaginable to each other yet we can also show immense courage, bravery and heroism.

There are the Hitlers of the world, then and now ! Bet then there are the Schindler's !  Its funny that most will recognise the first name and few the second !  What does that say about us ??

I saw a film last night called "unstoppable" based on a true story of 3 men that stopped a train in Ohio that was running away with no driver and no brakes.  I looked up the story on the Internet this morning, there is very little info on it, i was only just about to gather the major differences between the story and the film and no more.  These men risked their lives to stop that train before it de-railed and killed many many people with its hazardous and flammable load.  Yet they are hardly known.

On the other hand, if i mention the words terrorist, twin and towers, from the same year - bet you know that story!

Not quite sure why that is, the hero's get forgotten while the bad guys live on in memory.  Maybe that's why we say the good die young ??

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