Thursday, 20 January 2011


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"On life's roller coaster, we can live in the valleys between peaks with either positive anticipation or grim endurance.  Faith guides our decision."
I have to remind myself often that when down we can choose to stay there or choose to get up, while we are down we could be positive and think that good things are coming : after all does the sun not always follow the rain ?  Or we could sit in our valley and mope and wonder what else could go wrong !

I am not so sure its religious faith that guides but rather our faith in ourselves - we HAVE to get up, life is to be lived and faced, challenged and rallied against, ridden and enjoyed, if we don't do it for ourselves - no one else can.

I realise today that i also forget how the minority spoil things for the majority :  9/11 does not make all Muslims evil, the holocaust doesn't make all Germans anti Jewish, the Titanic doesn't make all liners sinkable - OK, so the last example was a bit daft - but, you see where i was trying to go with it !!

I need to look beyond stereotypes and media images to see real people, i would want a person to know me rather than judge me on the football hooligans or street gangs.  As much as these people are real, they are the extremes and by no means the norm.

This blog may not have made any sense but to me - its just a couple of things that i thought about today.  Thanks for reading :) xx

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