Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Meditation 2

LIght blessing2

"Nothing impresses me any more,
save and except
My own deep meditations.

Meditation stops
The sound-loving mind.

To my greatest relief,
I have silenced
My questioning mind.

When I pray,
I feel I am tiny,
very tiny.

When I meditate,
I feel I am vast,
very vast.

When I contemplate,
I feel I am neither tiny nor vast -
I am just a player
Who plays hide and seek with God.

When I pray,
I clearly see that God is coming down
From Above.

When I meditate,
I clearly see that God is already seated
Inside my heart.

My Lord,
When I most intensely pray and meditate,
The world badly misunderstands me.
My Lord, what shall I do?
"My child, you have only one world,
And that world is all love.
It needs neither understanding
Nor misunderstanding."

When we pray and meditate
Sincerely and soulfully,
We receive an open-hearted invitation
From Heaven."     Sri Chinmoy

I found a small local meditation group and went to my first session at lunchtime today.  Never has an hour gone so fast.  The meditation part itself was not more than 20/25 mins but it was so nice i cant find the words.  
At first i found i had twitches and itches and as i fidgeted i worried what the others may be thinking of me.  Then the lady guiding us drew us back to our breath and as i counted my breathes in and out of my body i relaxed and realised that no one else there cared what i was doing, they were all in their own little worlds and the most important,only thing i had to do right there and then was breathe.

It was cleansing to the body, soul and spirit, it refreshed me and comforted me.  I'm sure i fell asleep a couple of times, i appreciated being guided in this time and when we had a time of feed back it was interesting to hear other peoples journeys.

To one lady it was hard to concentrate as she has a lot going on in her life and she could not relax, the leader insisted that she be kind to herself and forgive herself.  If at this time she was unsettled then it was best to acknowledge and accept that and breathe into that physical place where she felt the most unsettled.  Another lady struggled because she was so very tired and could only feel her headache.  Again she was told that if that was the present then live in it, accept it and forgive herself for it.

So much tension comes from feeling guilty, knowing we have so much to do and so little time to do it in that sitting still for half an hour is a bad thing.  Kindness and forgiveness is something we owe to ourselves, live in the present and realise that we are complicated people and that we work better when we give ourselves time to think and feel and accept things.

" about stopping and being present, that is all" Jon Kabat-Zinn

"The present is the only time that any of have to be alive - to know anything - to perceive - to learn -0 to act - to change - to heal"  Jon Kabat-Zinn


  1. This is a lovely piece of writing, Gill. I am so glad that you are finding your quiet space. X

  2. Glad you found it a good group. X