Sunday, 16 January 2011

Be Content and Happy

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Two things caught my attention yesterday (Saturday) : my readings on my blessings calendar and a film i saw in the evening called 127 hours.
"In seed time, learn; in harvest, teach; in winter, enjoy." - William Blake

I liked this, read it yesterday and took it through the day with me.  I am not in the winter of my life yet : I'm in the harvest.  I am no teacher for exams but i can teach a three year old to draw their letters and numbers, i can teach my children right from wrong and i can teach myself, before i do reach the winter, to be content with what i have so i can then enjoy.
"...I have learned to be content with whatever i have." - Philippians 4:11
The film was all about realising what you have, noticing those that care about you and not selfishly pushing them away or shutting them out.  Not everything should or can be done alone.  When push comes to shove, as it does in the film - every second counts.  Another thing i take with me into the next working week

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  1. I like this. I will take it with me this week too. X