Friday, 21 January 2011


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 I had to take my children to the theatre tonight while i was rehearsing.  I rather like taking them out till late at night, they are such a well behaved pair that it makes me very proud.  An older member of the cast told me how good, quiet and well behaved they are - just what every mother loves to hear.

The other reason i like to take them out, particularly at night is because coming home there is a slightly different dynamic between us : maybe more friendly because they feel older ? maybe more together because we are sharing an unusual situation ? it feels really cool.  Tonight we came in, all got in our pyjamas at the same time, all had hot choc together watching some comedy on TV and then the children drifted off to bed and i am going to follow on in a minute.

Its an honour and a privilege to have children, one i don't take lightly, Supernanny is on at the moment - normally i hate the programme because the parents irritate me.  I still feel that now - how can you raise 3 children with no routine, no discipline and no continuity between parents ?  OMG - there are no rules in how to raise a child, but - come on !!!!!!!!!

Anyway, i am proud of my two this day, i have done good with them and i am rewarded.  Therefore - i think i can allow myself to be proud of me too :)

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