Sunday, 9 January 2011

Public lives

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There are many people who live their lives out in the public eye, maybe its chosen, maybe not! Whatever, it takes courage to do it.  In the good times I'm sure its fab : celebrities to your party, personal fitness trainers to help with weight and stylists to do your hair and face, nails and skin on a daily basis.  When the bad times roll in - what happens then ? The papers follow every move and people talk about you falling apart or going into rehab, friends turn into enemies to cash in the secrets shared.  Being in the public eye can make you go from peoples friend to the worst person in the world over night.

I'm a big Abba fan - they went from 2 happy married couples to 2 unhappy divorced couples in the ten years they ruled the pop charts.  Their pain is well documented in the songs they wrote and their most popular single (according to a programme recently) is "the winner takes it all" - full of frustration and heartbreak.

I have a lot of time at the moment for Kerry Katona, having lately reached 30 she has had 2 failed marriages,  4 children, drug problems, she is bi polar and has been bankrupt.  However, she has totally turned things around, she has relaxed into being a single parent, stayed clean for months and is working her way up again in the work sector.  I take a lot of strength from her determination to become a better woman and mother and her confidence is catching.

I only have a small world, sometimes that is a good thing, sometimes i wish it was bigger.  But with a lot fewer people watching my life with its ups and downs, i should be able to turn myself around easier.  So i will !!

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