Tuesday, 18 January 2011


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Security is a strange thing, found in strange places.  For a child its found with their parents, for adults it can be anything:

Money in the bank, a house, a job, a relationship, themselves.

For me - my security is with my children, you can't rely on anyone else or anything material because they always let you down or disappear : a job can fail, as can relationships, the house may have subsidence or damp or be taken away, money never lasts (not in my purse anyway!). 

My children are just that - mine - and they always will be.  Other than the name "mum" the only names i have tattooed on my body are the names of my children.  Often i have thought of having a boyfriends name done - the children's father complained that his was not there but he has decided not to stick around too !  That's not to say some of my tats don't represent people - they do.

My children and i don't have anything else to have security in but each other - my daughter has taken it to an extreme, but however, i don't blame her.  With each passing day recently i realise that nothing is safe, secure or truly to be believed in or trusted.  Its them and me.

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  1. How auspicious that my blog I have just posted relates to comfort zone?

    I differ from you in thinking that my children are 'mine' - I believe that they have chosen me to look after them and care for them, but they don't belong to me. I know they are going to (have already gone) leave and make their own lives which may include me occasionally. They have chosen me in order for me and them to learn certain lessons in life...
    Having said that I do enjoy every moment I spend with them : I don't always remember to tell them this though... (my lesson for today)