Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Happy Place

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I have had a very long and stressful afternoon, i have been tense, shaky, stuttered and got emotional.  At least that's they way i would normally have coped with a meeting at the job centre regarding income support.  I did indeed start that way, however, sitting curled up on a chair, crunched over, leg tapping a faster beat than a mambo and hands shaking like a leaves in the wind.  Then i decided that after all i have tried to do over the last month or so i should put it into practice. 

I shut my eyes and listened to my breathing, making it steady, even and deep.  I pictured a happy peaceful place - it was a sandy beach.  I could feel the sand beneath my toes, hear the waves gently lapping just in front of me.  I was sitting on a blanket with candles planted in the sand and incense burning.  I could smell the incense and see the flickering of the light.  I opened my eyes and looked at the horizon, it was sunset and the sky was burnt orange, red and yellow.  Not another person for miles i sat and enjoyed what my senses beheld. 

After, i was calm and peaceful, able to talk without stuttering and sign my name without shaking (too bad), i didn't get emotional in any way and although i was tense and found it quite a stressful meeting, i handled myself well and was in control.

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  1. Well done, Gill - I smiled when I read this and felt proud of you! x