Monday, 24 January 2011


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I apologise in advance for this blog, i was not going to write one while in the mood I'm in but i think maybe it will be good for me, so - sorry.

I am a tactile person, i like to be touchy feely and i adore physical attention (not necessarily sexual).  I am desperately lonely right now and weepy, unhappy, isolated and alone.   I miss having my hand held, being cuddled, having my cheek stroked and being kissed, i miss being able to make the other person feel wanted and loved, special and lovely just by a look or a touch when its least expected.

I miss a friendly voice in the night and a warm body to make me feel less alone in the world.  I don't really feel like i have a friend in the world at the mo.  One is wrapped up with family stuff, one blanks me most of the weekend because his girlfriend doesn't like me, and I'm sure any others that spend time with me do it because they just have nothing better to do.  Even my hubby would be happier if i disappeared, he could take the children to USA where his girlfriend is and start a new life without the financial and emotional pressure of the ex wife.

If no one hears you scream in space - who hears me cry at night ???


  1. Oh Gill, I'm sorry it's like this for you at the moment. Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while. Things been rather on top of me lately.