Monday, 3 January 2011


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 I feel quite sober this evening, everything is changing.  I have to make packed lunches in a bit, get up earlier, get my children off to school and their father to work.  School holidays sometimes go so quick yet the Christmas one is a long one i feel : maybe because there is such a lead up and so much gets packed in.

There are other changes too : i am near the end of a book that is the third in a trilogy and as all loose ends start to tie up i fear i will miss the characters.  I did a first rehearsal for Cranford today and realised that i don't really know any one in the cast - that's strange for me.  I'm drinking white hot chocolate, didn't even know they did white (BTW its fab) !

I am nervous now.  I have been positive and looking forward to what the new year would hold until now, it is here, it has arrived.  Normality is about to descend - am i ready ??

I don't like change as a normal thing, yet i think i am ready for this.  A while back i wrote a blog on change based on the sea.  I stated that "change is momentary and not permanent", how very true, for i know now that by tomorrow evening the Christmas holidays will be a memory.  The school run, Coffee with friends, house stuff, school run, dinner, children's classes at gym followed by their bed time, TV and bed for me : The normal general routine that we have been doing for the last few years now.  It may seem strange at first but not for long.

That is the essence of change - it is a scary thought but once its here - its done.  Reality sets in, the past is just that - the past.  Just as the caterpillar is once the butterfly is born.

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