Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I went to a rock concert last night, its a long time since i went to anything like that, even a night club.  I had forgotten how alive the bass beat feels.  To dance is the most free i feel, its totally liberating, like nothing else ever.

This morning i feel at least twenty years older than i am : my feet hurt, back aches and I'm soooo tired.  I'm also now alone rather than being one of thousands all loving the same music.  Its a bit of a come down !

However, the new me looks at the moment and tries to see the good in it : 1) The snow looks beautiful, 2) I had an unexpected visitor this morning with bacon for sarnies, 3) I have my card making stuff out which i am good at, 4) Christmas is on its way, 5) My children will be home in a few hours, and of course 6) last night is a fantastic memory.

I rather like this new me - I am looking for the sun and seeing the positives rather than hiding from it and studying the negative.  I think its a case of accepting that with every moment things change, from the way we are thinking to what we are looking at and even what our internal organs are doing.  As such, in every short minute something good is to be seen and something bad too : someone somewhere is being born, getting married, being told there is nothing that can be done or being buried.

Acceptance is seeing, and i think, for me, its knowing the negative but concentrating on the positive.

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