Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Religion vs Beliefs

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Ok, so, this is the first day on a journey i have been thinking about for a while now.  Been thinking really deeply lately, trying to equate my medicated depression and emotional mood swings with faith and religion.  Can it be done in this modern day n age ? Can a person achieve distance from yet be part of the world ?

I know and understand the Christian faith, i have lived the life and walked its path.  It appeals to the religious side of me, i still believe in God and Jesus, the crucifixion and the resurrection.
I really don't feel it touches my mental "mess" tho and the Buddhism book and sites i have been looking at do.  The idea of being self sufficient in an emotional way and calm in a mental way is terribly appealing, and to rely on myself rather than others or a God i cant see is a new and curious idea.
Can you mix two religions into one faith so a person can have a belief system that is as individual as they are ?

WHY NOT !!!!!

We are all different so why should one faith fit all ??

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  1. Dear Gill,
    I am happy to see this blog. I am wishing you all the very best with your journey.
    I believe that despite the differences, Buddhism and Christianity are pointing the same way.

    In the simple spirit of sharing (can't remember If I already told you this) I practice Christian Meditation through a path trodden from the early church (through the desert fathers) up until now. The group I'm in (now run) belongs to the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM -find them on the web if you wish) whose current Director Fr Laurence Freeman is a personal friend of the Dalai Lama and firmly believes in Interfaith dialogue and shared prayer in silence. I have been practising meditation since 2004 (though rarely twice daily as I would like to do)and have found it to be indespensible and a source of great blessing, still mostly unrevealed I believe.

    Would encourage you to go forward with your enquiry.
    Hope you don't mind such a full response straight away. xxx