Thursday, 3 February 2011


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We had fortune cookies today at work to celebrate Chinese new year.  I never paid any heed to them before but today's got me thinking :
"The best way to fulfil your dreams is to simply, WAKE UP."
I don't think it means wake up from the sleep in which you dream, more to wake up to life and go for your dreams.
I don't feel strong enough for all that just yet but i do understand what its saying and i do want to go for it when i can.  I am going back to concentrating on waking up and seeing life for what it is : not a list of ideas or views but rather a wider view of the world with an honest and open mind that does not wage war on anyone or anything else but is accepting and tolerant.

I read today in a book on Buddhism that :
"The view of a Buddha is how things actually are - which, in light of the constant flux and flow of the world, is no one way in particular.  After all, how can things be a particular way if they are in constant motion? How can a hard-and-fast view of a world that is never hard or fast possibly be accurate?"
 Definitely worth some more thought i think !

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