Sunday, 6 February 2011

Unconditional truth and love ?

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 I read an interesting thing the other thing day: which was that part of "right speech" is the avoidance of lying.  I have always believed in honesty and hopefully my children will believe the same thing.  However what i read also suggested that you cant live with rigid believes when lying or truth telling is concerned.

I was surprised by that and read on with interest.  To believe lying in any circumstance is wrong is fine, but to live in the moment means to live flexibly.  For example if during the second world war you were hiding a family of Jews in your attic and the Gestapo come round - in that moment a lie would be the thing to do and a thing no one would blame you for doing.  You would live totally in that moment and your belief in truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth would go out of the window and what is more, you would not torment yourself with personal chastisement later either.

I'm not sure what i am giving you in that, or what you will take from it, so i will just leave it there and let you develop your own thoughts on it.

Another thing that has been on my mind is total, unconditional love: being chosen and not being second best.  A film I watched last night had a girl who was so totally in love with her guy that she could overlook knowing he was a murderer and even put a gun to her own head because it was what he asked her to do.  It reminded me of Violet Kray, the mother of the notorious Kray brothers who ruled London with an iron fist of violence in the 1960's.  She never saw the evil in her sons, would serve tea and cookies to their gang and could not see how they could be found guilty of the crimes they eventually went to jail for.

Some may think that total love is weak and pathetic, i see strength in it.  With the exception of my children there are very few people i have loved to that extent - would i take a bullet for them, run in front of car for them, lie to the police for them? 1 or 2, maybe.  I don't come first in any ones life at the moment (except the children of course) and i am determined not to take second place ever again - I want someone i can put first and build a life around and i don't see why i should not expect the same from the man in my life.  I will be fussy and look for the someone i can give to and receive from : that total, unconditional and completely devoted love.

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