Friday, 11 February 2011

A Memory

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I had a bad headache yesterday, mostly brought on by tiredness.  Rehearsals have been running late and i have been working an extra day a week so early mornings too - i don't deal well with less than 9hrs sleep !!!!

My son had double martial arts lesson in the evening and i felt so wretched that the old man offered to take him as long as i kept our daughter with me.  My first instinct was to lay on the sofa watching TV and send my baby to bed early.  I didn't :

I ran us a deep, hot, bubble bath, we had candle light and incense cones and i lay in a half unconscious state while my daughter told me about her day at school, I am sure she told me more than she ever has - how good was that for her !!!!!

Then we got glasses of nice cold milk, curled up in my double bed and still with candle light watched "Tinkerbell, the great fairy rescue" on DVD.  It was quite good and we both enjoyed it.  I let her blow out the candle and said as a special treat she could sleep in my bed with me all night.  Not that i would sleep much, she can fidget for England !!

The boys got back and were somewhat amazed but they stayed up a little later with cookies talking "men stuff" downstairs.

It was not an evening that put me out or cost me money - but wow, how my little girl loved it.

At school today she made me a valentines card saying "thank you for the barthe"  which i thought was absolutely lovely.

I shall remember last night for a long time to come, i think she will too.

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  1. This is lovely Gill.

    Sorry I haven't looked at your blog for ages. I've been head down in my text books for so long..